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Such a simple name.  Not very original.  But, when you hear/read it, it probably sends a picture to your mind.  Or you hear the ba-boom, ba-boom. 

As Lovepacs has gotten underway, we have come across stories that we want to share.  Stories of individuals who have been changed—some from giving, some from receiving, some from volunteering.  Each with a heartbeat. 

Heartbeats, by themselves are faint.  Unless you have a stethoscope, you probably can’t hear them.  But you can feel them.  And you know they are there.

Have you ever been beside someone in a quiet place and heard their heartbeat?  Did yours start to beat to the same rhythm?  I believe that if we are still and listen—we will hear each other’s heartbeats.  I also believe that we will be in tune to each other. 

And the impact of hundreds of heartbeats almost overwhelms me.  Can you imagine how far-reaching it could be? 

We hope to share a bit of our heartbeat here at Lovepacs in this blog.  And we hope to share a bit of your heartbeat.  And we pray that our hearts beat together in rhythm to impact the world around us.


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