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Would you pray for my family?

I am constantly amazed at the volunteers for Lovepacs!  This past Saturday was National Make a Difference Day.  In The Colony, we had several Fill The Truck events around the city. 

One of our volunteers, Julie, posted this on her facebook page:

“While we were waiting for Lovepacs donations at the park this morning, 2 children ran up to me. They were asking me, “Do you pray?! Do you pray!?” I said yes we pray for the children who receive the food and we pray for plenty of donations. They asked me if I could pray for their family too. This sweet little boy wanted to tell me the whole story, but the sister interrupted and said it was just “bad problems.” So we prayed altogether in the park about their family. It was awesome and so is Jesus!”

Thank you to those of you who give and volunteer with us!  We don’t get to interact with the kids who get these Lovepacs.  But we can pray for them and for the other kids in our city–just like Julie did. 

Would you join us in doing that as we head into this holiday season?  And as you are handing out candy or trick-or-treating with your family, would you take time to look each child in the face? 

Thank you, Julie, for reminding me of why Lovepacs started.  Need is everywhere.  Sometimes we can help just by being available to listen…and pray 


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