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What’s Next?

Lovepacs began 3 1/2 years ago.  If you ask some of the founders, the fact that over 1000 kids received Lovepacs this spring break, would not be a surprise.  We’ve had some big-picture thinkers on our team from the start.

Almost from the beginning, we had conversations about filing for our 501(c)3–a document that would make us a legitimate non-profit organization in the eyes of the government and enable contributors to write-off their donations.  We started the process 2 years ago and thankfully, you, in the community, rallied behind that cause and donated directly for that purpose.  When we filed in September of 2012, we believed it would be a 3-4 month process and in January, we would be “official.”  Much to our dismay, it didn’t happen that quickly.

As we prayed and talked about why it was taking so long, the thing that kept coming up was that Lovepacs was a grassroots organization.  While being able to obtain corporate sponsorship would be great, we didn’t want to lose the neighborhood concept.  Lovepacs was/is a group of people who live and work in their community and have a desire to see that every kid in their neighborhood has enough food to eat.  It’s a true depiction of the quote, “It takes a village…”

As we explore the opportunities that the 501(c)3 gives us, our prayer is that we continue acting as a grassroots organization.  That neighbors still donate food and their time to serve those who live down the street from them.  That word of mouth still propels us forward and that packing a box is something that continues to grab the heart of individual families.

As our board of directors meets over the next few months, we will keep you posted about what this document means for us, but in the meantime, we want to THANK YOU.  THANK YOU for your donations.  THANK YOU for packing boxes with us.  THANK YOU for spreading the word to your neighbors and co-workers.  THANK YOU for praying.  And most of all, THANK YOU for taking an active step in feeding kids in our community–potentially changing their life!  We look forward to a continued partnership with you and can’t wait to see what happens next!

“At the present time your plenty will supply what they need,

so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. 

Then there will be equality.” 

2 Corinthians 8:14




Snow Days

photo As children, most of us looked forward to snow days.  We would stay up late watching the news, hoping to hear the name of our school district.  We would get ready slowly in the morning, praying that we would get a reprieve from that homework we didn’t finish or that test we had scheduled.  And when we did, most of us felt the utter joy of freedom to run and play and not have to sit and think.

Even as an adult, I love snow days.  In the busyness of our world, there’s something magical about a day off surrounded by our family. I still get giddy with excitement when I hear our school district is closed–even though I know it means we will make it up later.  Even though at some point in the day, my girls will tell me they’re bored or will argue with each other.  It’s still worth it.

We’ve had a lot of snow days this school year, and while, I still love them and embrace them, they are bittersweet for me.  As I watch my daughters laugh with utter joy at pulling each other on a boogie board over the ice, I can’t help but also think about the kids who are not as fortunate as mine.  The kids who are home alone today and may not have food in their house to eat.  The kids who rely on school to get breakfast and lunch–meals that fill their tummy and make up for not having dinner at home.

When I was a kid, and  left food on my plate, I always felt guilty about the “kids in Ethiopia that were starving and would love to eat the stuff I didn’t.”  This post is not meant to lay a guilt trip on you for enjoying your snow day–having today off for me is a true gift that I will take advantage of and I pray you will too.

It’s just a reminder of how thankful I am for Lovepacs and the generosity of our communities to feed these kids so they, too, can enjoy their breaks.

As you go about your day today–whether you are on the road or at home or at the park or at work–would you take a minute to pray for our Lovepacs kiddos?  And as you think about it on holidays and snow days where Lovepacs does not step in, would you continue to pray for these kids and their parents?

LoBlack heart (cards)epacs exists to be an expression of God’s love

by engaging our communities to serve children in need.

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