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Were you ever told to finish all the food on your plate because there were starving kids in Ethiopia? Even if you weren’t told that, you probably saw Sally Struthers and others on late night TV showing pictures of African kids with distended bellies and ribs poking out. If you were like me, you probably had a sense of guilt, but didn’t know how them being hungry was going to make you like okra. Or frozen peas that were way greener than the canned ones.

As the idea of Lovepacs became a reality, we didn’t want to guilt people into giving to kids. But we did want to make sure our community was aware of what was truly going on—maybe even on our own street. It’s a crazy thought…there are kids in OUR neighborhood—in America—who don’t get enough to eat. Kids who look forward to those cafeteria lunches. Kids that look at school vacations with mixed emotions because they know it means they won’t get breakfast and lunch that week.

Another thing we wanted to do was help these kids keep their dignity by not pointing them out to everyone. That’s one reason we go through the school counselors (the other is to have a checks and balances system since they know the kids in their school better than we can). We want for those kids to feel no shame for receiving help. For them to not worry about choosing between embarrassment amongst their friends and being hungry.

Lovepacs has grown this year, with chapters opening up in 2 new cities and some of the former chapters expanding. There will be close to 1800 kids fed this Thanksgiving alone!! Lovepacs exists to be an expression of God’s love by engaging communities to serve children in need. Children in our neighborhoods. Children at our kids’ school.

To find out how you can be involved, go to or join one of our Facebook pages at:
Lovepacs – The Colony (also serves Little Elm)
Lovepacs – Castle Hills
Lovepacs – Frisco
Lovepacs – Plano

Lovepacs – Cy Fair

Lovepacs – Aubrey

Thank you for your part in feeding kids in need!



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